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- Making the world a happier place - 

SOZO Hair & Make was opened in 2009, aiming to create a salon environment where every customer can truly enjoy each experience, and where hairstylists can be inspired and strive to be the best.

Customers come to SOZO because it provides the services using only the best techniques in Japan as well as great hospitality.

In 2021, SOZO Education was created in hopes of making hairstylists from all over the world, happier, too. Our aim is to educate hairstylists in Japan and overseas the skills to become a more successful hairstylist with loyal and life-long customers.

Join us to learn how to become a happier hair dresser!


Meet The Teem




"Our goal is to spread the joy of hairdressing to the rest of the world. We want to inspire and educate more hairdressers around the world and spread customer fulfillment. Start training now so you can bring amazing Japanese hair techniques to the world. We are all looking forward to you joining us!”




“My dream is to create an environment where everyone on the SOZO team can try new challenges and grow together. To make hairstylists and everyone around the world happy, we are doing our part in contributing to the beauty industry together as a team.”




2018: Graduated from Simon Fraser University. During studies, worked for three years at a salon in Canada and gained experience.

2019: Joined Sozo.




2017: Graduated from the Faculty of Business and Commerce at Keio University.

2018: Resigned from a mass media company.

2021: Currently active as a musician and video streamer.




2001: Graduated from Tokyo Hair and Makeup Vocational School.

2004: Joined a famous salon catering to foreign clients. Trained in the company and spent approximately two years in the United States.

2006: Returned to Japan and worked at the Omotesando salon.

2011: Became the Japan General Manager and opened three new stores in Japan.

2016: Promoted to the role of General Manager for both Japan and the United States, and appointed Vice President of the U.S. subsidiary. Improved performance at the New York store.

2020: Resigned from the famous salon catering to foreign clients.

2020: Opened a beauty salon in Omotesando.

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