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Want to become a hairdresser but don't know how to take the first step?

This 2 week course will teach you everything basic and more.

​Our beginners course is practicality intensive, and you will walk out with plenty of knowledge and real-life experience and confidence.

Stage 1


  • Japanese hair history and service theory and philosophy

  • Japanese service manual

  • Shampoo, massage, and blow-dry technique

  • Proper consultation manual and role-play

  • Biology and chemical theory

This first stage of the 2 week certificate will introduce the students to the world of Japanese hair and the success of the industry. Why is Japanese service one of the top in the world, and why are Japanese hairstylists one of the most skilled in the world? Students will learn everything from the basics of hair biology, to how to shampoo and massage to ensure your customers return no matter what. Students will also learn a customer service manual and consultation manual that has been proven to satisfy customers for years, at SOZO Hair & Make, the top international salon in Tokyo.


Stage 2


  • Hair type and facial structure analysis

  • Technical diagram drawings application

  • Cutting and thinning scissor workshop

  • Basic bob technique

  • Advanced bob application

  • Layering and texturizing technique

  • Basic and advanced men's cut technique

  • Tokyo trend style workshop

  • Cut and styling understanding

During the second stage of the 2 week certificate, students will learn the basics of scissor work. Students will obtain the skills to use cutting and thinning scissors to create basic, and trending hairstyles in Tokyo. Learn how to design a haircut based on facial structure and how to draw a diagram to further deepen structural understanding. In this stage, the basic bob cut will be taught alongside techniques on how to apply this skill. Further, many Japanese styles require layering and texturizing skills that students will learn. In the final weeks of stage 2, students will also learn how to style a haircut based on the structure of the cut itself and trending Japanese style.


Stage 3


  • Color theory analysis and application

  • Basic light and dark color technique

  • Basic highlight technique

  • Advanced design highlight technique

  • Basic and advanced bleach technique

  • Trending grey hair color technique

  • Human hair model practice

The third stage of the 2 week certificate offers students an in-depth understanding of color theory. Not only will students learn about color analysis, they will receive intensive training on basic and advanced coloring techniques. Japanese coloring technique is popular because of it's trending styles and excellent execution. Japanese hair color chemicals are also known to be precise and non-damaging, and students will be able to access various coloring chemicals otherwise unattainable. Students will learn through theory and practice on how to create trending styles as well as color techniques that will be used for generations to come.


Equipment issued

We can provide equipment at the beginning of the course for you.

We can provide Japanese-made scissors, etc.

See below:

  •  Scissors 

  •  Clippers

  •  Combs 

  •  Brushes 

  •  Kit Bag

  •  Neck Brush

  •  Section Clips

  •  Water Spray

For those interested in purchasing, it is possible to buy scissors, the price varying depending on the grade. Please inform us at the time of application. (The total cost, for a grade that can last for over 10 years, is approximately $1500 USD.)


2 weeks  every weekday
From around 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

At times, we may also do it on weekends.

No experience as a beautician is necessary.

5,000 (Tools are not included.)

After successfully finishing the course, you will receive the SOZO education completion certificate.


The next time we will hold this course will be

July 29 to August 9, 2024


By reserving a course, you acknowledge and accept our terms and conditions. To secure your place on the course, a 20% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remaining 100% payment due no later than 28 days before the course start date. You have the option to either make monthly installment payments or choose to pay in full at the time of booking. You have the option to either make monthly installment payments or choose to pay in full at the time of booking. We accept payment by credit card, debit card or overseas remittance
Important Reminder: Please wait until you have received a confirmation letter from Sozo Education before making any arrangements for your flight and accommodations. Thank you.


For further information or to discuss your course requirments please contact our education team who can to help identify the right course for you and answer any questions.

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